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Sweet Potato-Palooza!

The Community Food Basket has been blessed this month with an enormous amount of fresh sweet potatoes! To celebrate this occasion, we're sharing some of our most favorite recipes and ideas to use these fat-free and fiber-packed roots!

First up is maybe the most simple preparation you can come up with: baked! Our friends over at Love & Lemons have all the instructions to prepare the perfect baked sweet potato, along with some other ideas to jazz it up and make it a whole meal! Don't have time to wait? Try a Microwave Sweet Potato.

Next we have some classic sides that will complement any main course that you've prepared:

And of course, it wouldn't be a post about sweet potatoes without at least one recipe for Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallow!

Most of our favorite sweet potato dishes are hearty comfort foods that will keep us full and warm even through the coldest and darkest of winter nights.

Sweet Potatoes are a perfect ingredient for baking and can even be used in place of pumpkin in many recipes. Here are a few of the best desserts that we found:

Now are you inspired to get creative in the kitchen? We hope so! If you try any of these recipes, please be sure to let us know how they turned out.

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