At the Community Food Basket of Ottawa our mission is to unite the community in a cooperative effort to feed those in need in a spirit of love and compassion.  We will do our best to make you feel welcome.

Need Help?

Are you eligible for services?
Areas we serve

We serve our neighbors who live within zip codes 61350 (Ottawa), 61325 (Grand Ridge), 61341 (Marseilles), 60549 (Serena), and 60551 (Sheridan). You will be asked to provide a piece of mail dated within 60 days to show your address.

Income Guidelines

We do not require proof of income, but we will ask you to sign an official document stating that you meet the guidelines.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring with me?


First Visit

  • Photo ID

  • A piece of mail with your current address (dated within 60 days)

  • Identification for each child in the house under 18 years of age.

Every Visit: A piece of mail with your current address (dated within 60 days).

How does the distribution work?

The pantry is set up like a small grocery store. Each household has points to shop with throughout the pantry. Points are divided into categories ranging from non-food to produce. Points are not transferable between categories and cannot be carried over to another visit.

 Community Food Basket of Ottawa 

519 W. Madison St * Ottawa,IL  61350 * 815-431-0155

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