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Collard Greens

People ask us all the time: "How do I use these collard greens?" Well, our answer comes in the form of a new brochure! Scroll down to see what we've cooked up!

Collards are a staple of Southern cuisine, and the traditional version uses ham or bacon to give the greens a delicious smoky, meaty flavor. However, this vegan version still maintains the integrity of the original dish by including tomatoes and onions. This also makes it a great recipe for the summer months when your garden is overflowing with tiny, sweet cherry tomatoes.

Southerners have popularized collards, but they certainly did not invent them. It is believed that these hearty greens originated in Asia and the Mediterranean. Today, people all throughout the world utilize collards in their native cuisines. Specifically, a very popular dish in Brazil is known as Sopa de Fubà, or Collard Green, Cornmeal and Sausage Soup. This cornmeal-thickened soup is H-E-A-R-T-Y and guaranteed to keep you full and warm, even on the coldest of winter nights.

Collards are closely related to cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables in the brassica family. This makes them rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, K, and C, as well as calcium. They are a fantastic source of fiber and many other beneficial nutrients. For the full scoop on collards, visit


Now, here's a few of our favorite collard green recipes that didn't make the brochure:

If your mouth is watering just thinking about these delicious recipes, stop in the Community Food Basket and ask us about collard greens today!

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